Save the Day
Power the Night
Store the solar power you generate every day and use it every night—offsetting peak energy rates.
Smart Home Energy Storage
The latest KumuKit™ systems include smart battery systems. Smart battery systems enhance a PV system’s capabilities and allow you to store your own PV energy. The modular design allows for easy upgrading and incremental expansion.
Smart battery systems let you use solar electricity at night, take advantage of utility time-of-use rates and participate in smart export & demand response programs. The automatic emergency backup power feature provides for critical loads in your home during grid outages. KumuKit™ systems are pre-configured to adapt to current and future utility requirements.
An intuitive Energy Dashboard interface makes it easy to manage select home loads with detailed visibility and historical reporting capability. You can shift time-of-use costs to your best advantage, see where energy is being consumed, set electricity reduction and savings goals, and monitor your progress. Show Me ↑
Keep the Power Flowing.
Keep your Family Going.
Power outages from tropical storms and grid failure are inevitable. With our battery storage solutions, you won’t have to suffer through them again. Smart battery systems operate silently in the background, providing the option to backup power to lighting, medical equipment, refrigerators, phone chargers, or other critical items that are important to your family in times of emergency.
Your Energy Dashboard
Easy-to-use cloud-based energy management. Compare your energy production with your energy usage. Reconcile your electric bill. Optimize consumption of the solar energy you produce. Take advantage of the best times to use power from the grid. Monitor loads in your home. Identify electricity hogs. Control battery usage. Manage critical loads on emergency backup. It’s your power, your way.
Smart Energy Management is Baked In
Smart Eneregy Management (SEM) allows you to take advantage of current and future Utility price-saving programs like Time-of-Use (TOU), participate in current and future Demand Response (DR) programs, get credit for energy you Smart Export to the grid and save even more on your electric bill.

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