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Choosing the right KumuKit™ is Easy.
Your Incredible Shrinking Electric Bill
How low do you want to go? Depending on which KumuKit™ system you choose, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption, or nearly eliminate your electric bill.
It's your choice.
Using your past electric expenses as a guide, we'll design a customized solar electric solution that will best meet your budget and tax appetite, utilize available roof space, and ultimately reduce or even eliminate your home electric bill in a single installation. Alternatively, our multi-phase approach offers the option to install sections of a total system over two or even three years. Because we install main connections, conduit and disconnects in the first installation, future expansion is less expensive. This option is a great way to spread out your investment cost over time.
KumuKit™ Minimum Viable System
Customized for You
Using your maximum available southern exposed roof areas, the KumuKit™ Maximized minimizes your electric bill in a single installation.
The Minimum Viable KumuKit™ is optimized to limit the amount of energy returned to the electric utility. This system size, which is based on the amount of direct sunlight your home receives on average, and your current electricity usage.
KumuKit™ Intermediate
Customized for You
Taking into consideration your unique situation—tax appetite, roof space, budget, and desired target reduction of your electric bill—we offer this alternative custom design in the event that you choose to install somewhat less than the maximum-sized system in a single year.
This KumuKit™ option balances additional production (over the minimum viable system) with the amount of non-compensated energy that the system will export to the Utility.
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