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It's a Great Time to Invest in Solar Electricity.
You're in the Solar Sweet Spot
With plenty of sunshine year-round, it’s not surprising that Hawaii is a great place for Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV) systems. What is surprising, however, is that systems in Hawaii operate much more efficiently than in places where the temperatures often exceed 100°F. At 100°F+, the sun’s energy is converted to heat instead of electricity, and the photovoltaic panels overheat and operate less efficiently.
Bonus. Because photovoltaic system components are made of either stainless steel or anodized aluminum, they resist rust in our salty air.
Lock-in the Cost of Energy
One thing is certain, energy rates in Hawaii are rising and will continue to rise—conservatively estimated at 5.5% per year, with some severe spikes along the way. With PV, you "lock-in" your rate, and with a KumuKit™, that rate is an industry-leading 5.6¢, nearly a full 80% below grid power.
Your Payback
We call it an “investment”, because the greatest benefit of solar is the long-term return on your purchase. Your KumuKit™ investment has a rate of return that’s much higher than a bank CD, or even the Market can offer. And payback starts on day one!
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