A New Way to
Save with Solar
Next generation KumuKit™
Designed in Hawaii for Hawaii, our KumuKit™ solar electricity packages include whole home energy management control, monitoring, and advanced battery storage, and are engineered with technology to take advantage of the latest utility interconnection and savings programs.
There are now well over 8,000 satisfied KumuKit™ customers, each saving hundreds of dollars on energy bills every month while also contributing to Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy future. There’s a reason KumuKit™ continues to be Hawaii's Best Choice.
Your KumuKit™ System:
  • Empowers energy self-sufficiency
  • Provides energy security
  • Offsets your electric usage from day one
  • Allows you to use your energy when you want
  • Provides critical power when the grid goes down
Don’t buy more PV than you need.
Don’t waste the power you generate.
Right-Sizing is Key
Knowing the right PV system size for your home is a big deal. With the recent changes to solar interconnection, it is more important than ever. Purchasing an oversized system for your home can cost you thousands of dollars for extra panels and battery capacity, and even more when excess energy goes unused.
Taking into consideration your unique situation—tax credit appetite, roof space, budget, and electricity usage, we’ll use our exclusive RIGHT-SIZER™ tool to design a customized solution with “good, better, and best” options that balance the cost of the system and the amount of savings you’ll enjoy.
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Generous Tax Credits are Still Available
When you own your KumuKit,™ you are eligible for all available solar tax credits. If you don’t have enough tax liability to claim the entire credit in one year, you can roll over the remaining credits into next year. No expiration date is set for State tax credits, but Federal tax credits for residential solar will decrease over the next two years:
Federal Tax Credits for Residential Installations
  • 2020, 26%
  • 2021, 24%
  • 2022, 0%   (20% for Commercial Installations)
Tax Year 2020
How much does it Cost?
Save a Bundle with
Lock-in the Cost of Electricity
In Hawaii, the cost of electricity increases about 5% per year on average. Over the next 25 years, the compounding effect of these rate increases can be eye-opening.
When you install a KumuKit™, you essentially put an end to these rate hikes, because the cost energy from the sun—which is $0—never increases.
If you to install a KumuKit™ today, you will immediately reduce your electric bill, and enjoy savings for years to come!
Your Electric bill without Solar

Your Electric bill with Solar

Your Savings over 25 Years!
How much does it Save?
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Solar is a Great Investment
Enjoy a lifetime return on your investment. Solar consistently outperforms all other conventional investments. KumuKit™ systems still typically have the strongest return on investment in the industry.
How much can I Make?
Future-Proof Your PV System
Smart Energy Mangement is Key
Smart Energy Management Technology Onboard
KumuKit™ systems are designed with the future of solar in mind, but more importantly, they are engineered with the energy business as a whole in mind.
Smart Energy Management (SEM) is the key. In addition to providing benefits now, such as load monitoring and control, the Smart Energy Management intelligence engineered into every KumuKit™ is designed to meet the Utility policies of the (quickly approaching) future, allowing you to save even more on your electric bill. Smart Energy Management essentially future-proofs your PV system.
Smart Energy Management analyzes your power usage from the start and provides a visual representation of your current and historical energy usage. Armed with this critical information, you'll be able to make informed decisions about adjusting and optimizing your energy usage.
KumuKit™ SEM technology, in partnership with the Utility, provides a platform that allows you to join groups of other people in the KumuHui™ to understand how you and your neighbors, community, etc., are contributing to the fossil fuel free future of Hawaii. It’s often referred to as a “Virtual Power Plant”, and you can be a part of it from the start!

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