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This isn’t your
mother’s water heater!
Our hybrid solar water heating system uses advanced micro-grid technology, as well as utility power and conventional tank-style storage to reduce energy costs and save the average family hundreds of dollars a year.
Your mother will think you’re a genius.
KumuKit™ hybrid solar water heating system
What’s the big deal?
Solar water heating systems have been around for decades, but this system is better:
The cost of KumuKit™ hybrid solar water heating systems is comparable to traditional solar water heating systems, but are cleaner, more reliable, and virtually worry-free. No pumps required!
It’s a grid-wise solar hybrid system that harnesses energy using PV, transfers power to a micro-grid to heat water in a specially designed tank, and uses utility power only as a system back-up.
You’ve got the power. This system is grid-independent. Your KumuKit™ will be connected to the utility, but it does not depend on the utility to produce hot water. If the utility suffers an outage, the KumuKit™ will continue to heat your water! The KumuKit™ will switch to the utility only if you run low on hot water.
The average Hawaii family uses about 40% of their electrical energy to heat water.
One of the easiest and best ways to cut your family’s utility bill is to replace your dated conventional water heater with a KumuKit™ hybrid solar water heating system, or pair it with a KumuKit™ solar electricity system.
With combined state and federal tax credits, the KumuKit™ hybrid solar water heating system is a very affordable way to get started with PV today.
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