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The longest delay for most solar installations is the approval process from the Electric Utility, which can easily extend to as long as 3 months.

HECO’s new 2021 “Quick Connect” program was created to address this issue, and provide immediate benefit to new rooftop solar customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as boost the economic recovery of Hawaii. The best news? Because your area still has room for solar, you could be one in a select group that qualifies for this program!

  • Enter your address and find out for sure with this on-line tool from HECO (Oahu).

“It allows new solar systems that meet basic requirements to be installed and energized without full prior approval from Hawaiian Electric. This should reduce the time between a customer signing a contract for a new system and beginning to save money by using self-generated electricity.” - Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Learn more about the Quick Connect Program directly from HECO.

“Rooftop solar booming in Hawaii as utility launches ‘Quick Connect’. An approval process that typically takes several weeks or months for each step to be completed can now be handled after the system is built and turned on, substantially reducing the wait for many new solar customers.” - Renewable Energy World

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Combine the HECO Qucik Connect Program with ourKumuKit™ 2021 “Earlier Bird” Program, for an unbeatable opportunity to save time and money on a brand new solar installation now!

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