The Advantage
25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels
10 to 25 Year Warranty on Inverters
10 Year Warranty on Workmanship

When you become part of the KumuHui™, the 10,000+ families that own a KumuKit, the advantages are many—starting with warranties that are among the best not just in Hawaii, but best in all the solar industry.

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Next generation KumuKit
We build quality into every KumuKit™ solar electricity package with top-tier PV panels, superior micro-inverter technology, professional roof flashings, and innovative energy management—all installed by our qualified installation crews. With our Done Right Guarantee, worry-free warranties, web-based system monitoring and dedicated local service and support, you’ll be assured you chose wisely.
10 Benefits of Buying and Owning a KumuKit™
The Confidence to Know that you chose wisely We hear and see it all too often; owners of solar installations who bought far too much for their needs and paid far too much, or purchased an undersized, non-expandable system, severely limiting their potential for saving on energy costs. We’ve spent literally hundreds of hours developing and perfecting complex algorithms that find the Right-Sized™ system for you, using dozens of variables specific to your home.
Owning Is Better than leasing
When you own your system, you get all the tax credits, all the energy savings produced, and instantly add value to your home. If you’re considering a solar lease/PPA for your home, think again. Yes, you’ll reduce your electric bill a little, but the leasing company reaps the greatest benefits. Contract terms can “lock-in” tens of thousands of dollars in monthly payments over 20 years and complicate the refinancing or sale of your home. Lost tax credits, annual increases, prepayment penalties, and system buyout will cost thousands more. When you own solar, the financial benefits are exclusively yours.
Effortless Process Worried about all the paperwork? Don’t be. We’ll take care of it all, including installation permits, any homeowners’ association applications, and the forms required to store electricity with your electric utility. We’ll even give you sample tax forms to help you file properly for your tax incentives.
Top-Tier Panels We suggest our maximum efficiency LG® NeON™ and QCells Q.Peak G10+ panels. When combined with our optimally-matched inverters, these premium panels offer some of the highest-rated AC electricity production per square foot in the industry. Our panels also offer indstry-leading warranties.
Superior Micro-Inverters Micro-inverters are superior to central inverters for most residential applications, harvesting up to 16% more AC electricity. With micro-inverters, if a solar panel or inverter fails, the system continues to perform; with central inverters, the entire system can stop working.

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Only the best hardware
Installing anything on your roof is cause for concern. Allow us to ease your concerns. We flash all roof penetrations. For asphalt or wood shingle we use commercial grade anodized aluminum or galvanized steel flashings. For Tile roofs we use Lead Flashing. When flashing is not possible such as on rolled composite materials, we use commercial-grade, 50 year sealant.
Professional Installation KumuKit™ installers are qualified professionals. You can expect great attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and respect for you and your home.
The Acxis® Communication Filter This innovative communication filter optimizes your system’s power line communications and isolates your system from potential cross-talk or line interference. Included with applicable KumuKit™ systems.

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Web-Based Monitoring KumuKit™ Systems with micro-inverters include system monitoring via your web browser, allowing you to track weekly, daily, or even hourly performance of your system. You'll also be able to view a summary of how you are reducing your carbon footprint. All of this is available in real-time on your computer or mobile device. Included with applicable KumuKit™ systems.
Knowledge, Experience, Strength
Hawaii Energy Connection®, the company behind KumuKit™, was organized in 2007, and has been engineering and installing solar projects varied in size from just a few panels to a few thousand panels. We reached our 15-year anniversary of doing business in Hawaii in January, 2022. This is a very big deal, especially in the solar industry, in which literally hundreds of businesses have come and gone, leaving behind “orphaned” customers—without warranty, maintenance, and support help. Discover dependable solar services and get a quote from KumuKit™ today.
As of today I am 100 percent satisfied with your solar pv water heating system and especially satisfied with the technicians that put it in place. They went above and beyond to make sure the job was completed in one day even though the rain delayed them from starting the job on time. They represented KumuKit with Honor. Because of their professionalism and positive attitude I won’t hesitate to have KumuKit add more solar pv panels to my roof in the future.”
— Scott F, Waipahu