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The best choice in rooftop solar takes another big leap forward.

The KumuKit™ has always been about making solar simple. From the seamless integration of best-in-class solar equipment, to the administration of paperwork & red tape, all the way through to the installation of your new KumuKit™, we make solar simple. The next generation KumuKit™ is a leading-edge version of the original and is engineered to seamlessly integrate with the emerging and ever more complex solar programs. Best of all, it’s available TODAY.
Your Power. Your Choice.
The next generation KumuKit™ allows you to harness the full potential of solar with unprecedented ease, while allowing you to choose the way you want to use the power you generate:
  • Store the power you generate during the day and use it during peak evening usage hours
  • Store your power for backup in emergency outage situations
  • Effortlessly manage emerging time-of-use (TOU) programs
  • Participate in new opportunities provided by utility grid service programs
  • Customize a solution for you from any combination of the above
The new Smart Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Tariff is complicated. Learn how the next generation KumuKit™ has been engineered to make it simple for you.

Hawai‘i’s Best Choice for Solar.

Our systems are right-sized to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives, and shrink your electric bill. We’ll work with you to design a customized KumuKit™ system that’s budget-friendly for your home or business.
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SOLAR FOR YOUR HOME. Our next generation solar packages include advanced energy storage and whole-home energy management control & monitoring. There’s a reason KumuKit™ is Hawai‘i’s best choice.

Solar for your Home ▸
Photo of Single Family Home with KumuKit Battery Storage Installation

SMART ENERGY STORAGE. Our smart battery systems allow you to store your own PV energy. The modular designs allow for easy expansion and emergency backup power.

Solar Energy Storage ▸

SOLAR FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Our commercial solar solutions are delivered on schedule and within budget. Our PV systems offer exceptional value, maximum productivity, and worry-free operation. Please visit our commercial web site.

Solar for your Business ▸
HAWAII ENERGY CONNECTION is a nationally recognized solar PV integrator, dedicated to providing affordable energy solutions in Hawaii. Our systems are right-sized to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives, and ultimately shrink your electric bill. You’ll be surprised how affordable solar can be. Get connected today!
From beginning to end the entire process was great! Tanys provided us options for our PV/battery system so that we could compare apples to apples quotes with other solar companies. The communication was excellent throughout the process and we are extremely pleased with the entire KumuKit Ohana.”
— Chris K, Waianae