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If you’ve been on the fence about getting solar, the time to decide is now.
The earlier you act in 2021, the more you’ll save.
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Lock in your 2021 Installation Now

It happens every year. Prospective solar owners want to squeeze in their installations before the end of the tax year. Many wait too long and are pushed out of the queue. This year will be no different, as buyers jockey for installation—whether it’s with us or a competitor—in the second half of the year, to be sure they qualify for the State and Federal tax credits in 2021.

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Lock in your “Earlier Bird” Discount

We want you to install a KumuKit™ earlier in the year, knowing that it will be more difficult to find the time toward the end of the year, so we’re going to make that a much easier decision for you. It’s simple. The sooner you move forward, the more you’ll save. Our Earlier Bird discount is the most generous discount we’ve ever offered—but the longer you wait, the smaller the discount will be. You can “freeze” your discount now by simply requesting a quote. Don’t miss out! It’s free to look, and there’s never an obligation to buy.

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Lock in The 26%
Federal Tax Credit

Great news. The Federal Tax Credit for residential solar installations has been extended! But, the credit amount will decrease over the next few years, eventually being eliminated altogether. This dollar-for-dollar savings could be lost lost if you wait too long.

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Our Systems are Always Right-Sized
Knowing the right PV system size for your home is a big deal. With the recent changes to solar interconnection, it is more important than ever. Purchasing an oversized system for your home can cost you thousands of dollars for extra panels and battery capacity, and even more when excess energy goes unused. Don’t buy more PV than you need. Don’t waste the power you generate. Taking into consideration your unique situation—tax credit appetite, roof space, budget, and electricity usage, we’ll use our exclusive RIGHT-SIZER™ tool to design a customized solution with “good, better, and best” options that balance the cost of the system and the amount of savings you’ll enjoy.
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Our Financing Packages Maximize Your Savings
Every month, you pay an electric bill that is tied to steeply rising energy costs. With our financing packages, you essentially take that money and instead invest it in a KumuKit.™ You’ll shrink your electric bill immediately, and generate enough savings to cover your loan payment. You’ll have 2 full years to recover your federal and state solar tax incentives, which you can then use to pay down your loan. Simple process and easy terms. Quick qualifying for customers with qualifying credit.
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Our Equipment & Hardware is Best-in-Class
We’ve put together our most aggressive price/performance combination of premium equipment yet. Our panels and inverters are best-of-class. Our maximum efficiency LG® NeON™ 370 watt panels offer one of the highest rated AC electricity production per square foot in the industry. LG® panels include 25 year power warranties. • Solar + storage is simple with the Generac PWRcell™ Inverter. This bi-directional inverter offers a simple, efficient design for integrating smart batteries with solar. Ideal for self-supply, backup power, zero-export and energy cost management, the PWRcell Inverter is the industry’s most feature-rich inverter.
Photo of Generac PWRcell Battery Storage System
Hawai‘i’s Best Choice for Solar.
Our systems are right-sized to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives, and shrink your electric bill. We’ll work with you to design a customized KumuKit™ system that’s budget-friendly for your home or business.
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SOLAR FOR YOUR HOME. Our next generation solar packages include advanced energy storage and whole-home energy management control & monitoring. There’s a reason KumuKit™ is Hawai‘i’s best choice.

Solar for your Home ▸
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SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE. Our smart battery systems allow you to store your own PV energy. The modular designs allow for easy expansion and emergency backup power.

Solar Energy Storage ▸

SOLAR HOT WATER. Our hybrid solar water heating systems use advanced PV micro-grid technology + utility power + conventional tank-style storage to keep your hot water flowing and reduce energy costs.

Solar Hot Water ▸

SOLAR FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Our commercial solar solutions are delivered on schedule and within budget. Our PV systems offer exceptional value, maximum productivity, and worry-free operation. Please visit our commercial web site.

Solar for your Business ▸
Our Approach to COVID-19 Safety
VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS are available for your convenience and safety. If you prefer, our Solar Expert will contact you with an on-line service. All of the resources that available in person are available on-line, including our exclusive Right-Sizing™ tool.
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SOCIAL DISTANCING is practiced by every one of our team members while in our building, in our vehicles, and of course in and around your home. The COVID-19 pandemic must and does demand our prioriy. Take comfort in knowing that will we do everythng we can to keep your family and the families of our team safe.
HAWAII ENERGY CONNECTION is a locally owned, nationally recognized solar PV integrator, dedicated to providing affordable energy solutions in Hawaii. Our systems are right-sized to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives, and ultimately shrink your electric bill. You’ll be surprised how affordable solar can be. Get connected today!
From beginning to end the entire process was great! Tanys provided us options for our PV/battery system so that we could compare apples to apples quotes with other solar companies. The communication was excellent throughout the process and we are extremely pleased with the entire KumuKit Ohana.”
— Chris K, Waianae