Understanding the NEM Plus Tariff

Net Energy Metering Plus, or NEM+, is an offshoot of the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program. NEM was a program (now closed to new applicants) that allowed Hawaiian Electric customers to utilize new energy storage technology. It worked to ensure reliable service and fair treatment for all its customers by encouraging them to install and use PV panels on their home.

So What Is Hawaiian Electric’s NEM+ Program?

Net Energy Metering Plus (NEM+) is available to existing Hawaiian Electric customers who are already under the original Net Energy Metering (NEM) tariff and whose energy demand regularly exceeds what their panels and/or battery storage produce. Hawaiian Electric’s NEM+ program does not allow customers’ systems output to export to the grid. This power is only to be used on-site.

This is a program that benefits existing NEM customer who generally just use more energy than their solar panels produce, as well as those who have a renovation or other home project coming up that will require extra power. It could also benefit customers who have electric vehicles. Regardless of why a customer has a higher demand than their system produces, it could be a cost-effective solution instead of paying more for power from the grid.

Additional Details About Hawaiian Electric’s NEM+ Program

A good way to think about NEM+ is to imagine that you do not have an existing PV system under the original NEM program. In this case, NEM+ is exactly the same as the Customer Self Supply program (CSS). All power generation that is not directly used in the home or stored in solar batteries will be lost. Customers cannot export PV generation from the NEM+ system (just like CSS).

If you’re consistently using a large amount of solar energy during the day (for example, with air conditioning or electric car charging), adding NEM+ panels without storage may be an option. You will be limited to offsetting daytime energy using your new panels, though.

For those who aren’t using all of the energy your panels are producing during the day, it’s likely you’ll need a solar battery where the excess NEM+ generation can be stored until nighttime.

Is There a Tariff Incentive With Hawaiian Electric’s NEM+ Program?

Unfortunately, no. There was a tariff incentive with the original NEM program since the bill credit was received by those who were generating excess power and sending it back to the grid. Since Hawaiian Electric’s NEM+ program is for those who aren’t sending any power back to the grid, they will not receive a credit.

Interested in Learning More?

If you still have questions or are an existing NEM customer and are interested in the NEM+ Program with Hawaiian Electric, KumuKit is happy to help. Contact us today and learn how solar panels and solar energy batteries can benefit your home.