Severe Weather Preparation
When severe weather threatens, be prepared by maximizing the amount of energy you store in your KumuKit™ PowerBlocks™ battery energy storage system.
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The Battery Reserve Block displays the current battery state of charge if your system includes the energy storage feature.
The gear icon in the upper corner of the block brings up a settings window where you can see additional battery information and configuration options. This is where you can adjust the power reserve level of the battery.
To maximize security for emergency backup, this level should be set a high percentage. A high power reserve percentage keeps the batteries toped off for emergency backup situations.
The Enable Emergency Power Reserve feature temporarily sets this to the highest security level for a defined period of time. At the end of the defined period of time, the power reserve level will automatically go back to the default value set be the user prior to the event. This feature was designed to be used when alerted of a storm warning, natural disaster, or other event in your local area.